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Captain David Rogers AAA Hawgwild Saltwater Charters

Captain David Rogers

AAA Hawgwild Saltwater Charters

That tool is my PoleMate

” Spending over 200 days per year on the water I have one tool I rely on each day. That tool is my PoleMate. It allows me to free my hands when I am poling after schools of BIG REDFISH. I am able to help clients much easier because all I have to do is clip my push pole in the PoleMate. I would recommend the PoleMate to anyone who uses their push pole. “


Captain Joe Porcelli

Southern States Fishn' and Huntn' Magazine'
Fishing with Captain Joe Porcelli
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I couldn't wait to try it out

The following has been taken from Southern States Fishn' and Huntn' Magazine's Aug. 98 issue:

" A few months ago I received a new fishing aid in the mail. I couldn't wait to try out this new product knowing it would increase my hook-up ratio. The device is called PoleMate, a hip worn push pole holder developed by Capt. Ron Rebeck. The PoleMate allows you to go from poling your boat to casting to sighted fish within seconds. The PoleMate is made of lightweight, durable ABS plastic and is comfortable to wear. It also has corrosion proof fasteners and is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

As I mentioned, the PoleMate is worn on your hip, so securing your push pole is as easy as putting your hand in your pocket. It is also the quietest way to secure your push pole. It eliminates contact with your boat that can spook fish.

After using PoleMate a few times you will wonder how you ever poled without it. Each Polemate comes with an adjustable 57 inch webbed belt and quick release. “


Captain Greg Bowdish

Pro Fly Angler
Bar Fly Fish

Fly Fishing from a kayak

” Capt. Greg Bowdish is an FFF Certified Fly Casting Instructor and one of the pioneer's of Fly Fishing from a kayak! Pro Fly Angler Greg Bowdish has a video you can watch right here that teaches you how to fly fish from a kayak with just a few simple tricks. He also has a video on Fly Fishing from a Kayak, Kayak Rigging and another video that gives us some history on Capt. Greg. “

Thank you very much for using our products Captain Greg!


Captain Fred Everson

Herold Wells - Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine

Endorses the PoleMate & RodMate in his magazine article

” To manage the pole and a fishing rod, while maintaining boat position is something of a challenge, but thankfully there are some accessories that make it possible. 

I used to wedge a rod behind my belt and when I saw a fish I would step over the pushpole, holding it between my knees as I reached behind me to grab the fishing rod. How I never fell off the platform while trying this maneuver is something of a mystery. 

A few years ago, I finally bought a Pole Mate, a plastic pole holder that belts on to my hip. That solved the push pole problem. The same company also manufactures Rod Mate, a plastic device similar to the Pole Mate, but smaller. The butt section of the fishing rod is clipped into place and carried on the hip opposite of the push pole. With the rod pointed down and behind me, it's never in the way when I'm poling. Now I can make the switch from push pole to fishing rod instantly without having to take my eyes off the fish. “

We love Captain Fred. Check out his books on Amazon or free articles online: 

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"Fish the Flats!"

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"Catch Snook!"

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We really appreciate the endorsement on the Rod-Mate & Polemate in this article online! Thank you.


Captain Gordon Churchhill

Fly Fishing the Southeast Coast
CALL (407) 405-0819

Endorses the Polemate in his book

” Captain Gordon lists the PoleMate on his website under "PRODUCTS AND SERVICES I ENDORSE" and also in his book which can be found on Amazon under Appendix II "Some Products I Like to Use". “

Get Captain Gordon's book on Amazon: Paperback or a special price for the Kindle version.

We really appreciate the endorsement on the Polemate in your book! Thank you.


Tom Mitzlaff

Strap your Polemate where it's comfortable

" I like using the Polemate. It's a wonderful little clip that allows you to instantly clip the push pole quietly to your side. It just straps on like a belt and works great. Now the rest is basically simple though, it does take some practice. Standing with your feet on the bow of the skiff, place the fly line tamer between your legs as close as possible to yourself. Strip about 25 feet of fly line into the tamer and place the rod into the tamer. Hook your fly onto a piece of foam glued to outside of tamer. Strap your Polemate to whatever side is comfortable for you. “

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