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The PoleMate is a custom hip worn push pole holder that allows you to fish from your poling tower. Very helpful while poling your skiff alone or out with your fishing buddies.
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PoleMate - The original hip worn push pole holder Made In The U.S.A.

The original hip-worn push pole holder offers many advantages over other type holders!

PoleMate - The original hip worn push pole holder Made In The U.S.A.
PoleMate - The original hip worn push pole holder Made In The U.S.A.
PoleMate - The original hip worn push pole holder Made In The U.S.A.

Our products unique features:

1. Stows your push pole quick and easy:
Getting that 20-foot push pole stowed & out of your way is as easy as putting your hand in your pocket!
2. Silent:
When using a PoleMate your push pole is attached to you... not your boat (which eliminates any possibility of noise when stowing). Once your hooked up, just unclip your push pole from the PoleMate™ and silently clip it to the side of your poling tower using our ABS plastic constructed TowerMate™ "Shorty". Our competitors' tower mounted metal holders can generate noise when engaging a push pole. This transmits through the hull of your skiff and will scatter any remaining game fish.
Sound travels around 1500 meters per second in water
3. Affordable:
Our price points are within reach of ALL anglers.
4. Safety:
Trying to cast off of a 5-foot high poling tower with a 20-foot push pole between your legs is not easy, and has proven to be dangerous too! With our perfectly engineered mounting system on the TowerMate, you eliminate the possibility of tripping on our competitors top mounted poling tower holders. 
5. Keeps you in fish:
Once you finally spotted some game fish, you never have to take your eyes off of the fish. Just slip your push pole into your PoleMate™, grab your rod.... cast... and hook-up!
6. Moves with you:
You wear our Polemate™ on the included strap, so that you can grab the clipped push pole "and strap". This allows you to move it around your body if your skiff turns with the wind or current. 


Fishing solo or with your shallow water fishing buddies has never been more enjoyable or productive when using the hip-worn PoleMate push pole holder from Florida Backcountry! When poling from your poling platform, the holder easily secures your push pole at your side, instantly leaving your hands free to grab your fishing rod or straighten out your kids line tangle. Made of lightweight durable ABS plastic, the push pole holder is comfortable to wear and backed by a Limited Lifetime Guarantee. Corrosion proof fasteners allow the push pole to pivot and move with you regardless of your position.

PoleMate - The original hip worn push pole holder Made In The U.S.A.

Born out of necessity, Capt. Ron Rebeck of Florida Backcountry developed the push pole holder, PoleMate, when faced with the frustration of the number of missed hookup opportunities his clients would encounter during a days outing. Many otherwise fish-less days and lost smiles have been saved when using the push pole holder to help him hook up clients.

The PoleMate has already made a splash in the Florida market with a number of professional fishing guides and tournament fisherman. It has been proven to be a valuable fishing tool to those anglers who enjoy flats fishing and any other type of inshore fishing involving shallow water boats, including kayaks and canoes. Anglers are using the PoleMate to make their lives easier and increasing their ability to stay in the fish!

Safety on the poling platform is another major advantage of the PoleMate. No longer will you have to risk a fall when trying to place a push pole between your legs in order to hold it when casting. PoleMate easily and instantly secures your push pole !

Another benefit in using the push pole holder is never having to break your line of sight on spotted fish by bending down to secure your push pole --- as with other platform-mounted holders. Not only will the PoleMate increase the hook-up ratio from the poling platform, it will lessen fatigue as well. Pure and simple, PoleMate makes fishing from a poling platform or shallow water boat more enjoyable and productive!

Each PoleMate push pole holder includes an adjustable 57-inch webbed belt 
and side-release buckle. 
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PoleMate is handcrafted & packaged in the U.S.A. For a limited time, receive FREE SHIPPING with every order.

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PoleMate - The original hip worn push pole holder Made In The U.S.A.
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