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We love to assist physically challenged anglers!

Captain Ron Rebeck Founder of Florida Backcountry - Home of the PoleMate

Florida Backcountry has been providing the RodMate™ since '84

A man with a fishing dream loves helping others

Since he began guiding 1980's Captain Ron Rebeck, founder of Florida BackCountry, has had the opportunity to assist physically challenged anglers who had chartered him for a days fishing. Through his own experience and that of many other guide friends, Captain Ron developed a series of angler fishing aids.  

The RodMate™ is one product in particular that Captain Ron has found to be a valuable aid to many physically challenged people who enjoy the sport of fishing. Numerous challenged people have indicated to him that the RodMate has helped them in the ability to handle their rod and reel and to independently perform the acts necessary when fishing, such as changing tackle, removing their catch from the hook, displaying their catch and helping hold and stabilize their rod while reeling read more...

Its compact design is made of durable yet lightweight ABS plastic, backed by a Lifetime Guarantee and comes complete with webbed belt and side release buckle for your fishing - rod holding convenience!

Get the Rod-Mate for only $26.95  /FREE SHIPPING

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