RodMate™ Unique Fishing Clip Rod Holder History

Captain Ron Rebeck Founder of Florida Backcountry - Home of the PoleMateLet's talk about fishing rod holders! The most common type of fishing rod holders are the type that are mounted or not mounted and primarily used for storage. What may come to mind are the ones you may have seen that are mounted to the wall or ceiling and will hold a multiple of fishing rods rigged and ready to fish. Another common type are the decorative wooden rack type or carousel fishing rod holders that usually sit in a den or garage and  keep all your rigs ready to pick and choose from when you're off on your next fishing trip. Mounted or unmounted, these fishing rod holders that I mentioned serve the purpose of keeping them out of  harm’s way and ready for use at home, cabin or vehicle. The second most common type of fishing rod holders are the type that are mounted on a boat in order to hold the fishing outfits ready for quick use or to stow horizontally under the gunnel or casting decks of a skiff. Other types are mounted vertically on the side of the console. Gunnel mounted fishing rod holders secure the fishing rod at an angle for trolling or drift fishing. They can cost hundreds of dollars like those made of stainless steel or billet aluminum found on sport fishing yachts, or as little as a few dollars for the type that are screw mount against the sides of aluminum fishing boats. Of course, they can also be completely cost-free by using a stick with a Y shape to prop your fishing rod upon the bank of a lake river or pond when bank fishing.. Granted the term fishing rod holder covers a lot of ground and there are many types and applications.

When fishing off the poling tower of a flats skiff, a fishing rod holder needs to to accomplish a number of things in order for an angler to get a quick cast to spotted game fish. Since you are usually fishing shallow water the chances that you will see your target is very probable, but there are cloudy days or other low light conditions that warrant blind casting. Nonetheless, when you are up on the poling tower trying to fish when poling the flats, you need to be able to grab a fishing rod as soon as possible!

If you’re lucky enough to see a wake or a tail, or any hint of fish being in the area, it's a blessing. If you are fortunate enough to actually spot the fish itself it becomes even more mandatory that you can easily grab your spinning rod and quickly get a cast off to them. Seconds count and one of the best ways to maximize your chances of hooking up is to not take your eyes off of the fish. That is why I addressed all the different types of fishing rod holders in the preceding text. The reason is that the solution to this problem is solved by introducing another type of fishing rod holder, a holder that is worn on your body. The RodMate™.

Florida Backcountry Fishing Rodmate Fishing Rod HolderRodMate™ is a small fishing rod holder with a formed ABS clip and belt which Florida Backcountry designed to hold spinning rods, bait casting rods and fly rods. Its design ensures that it can be worn and used by all ages and disabled friends as well.The RodMate™can be used while fishing on the bank, in a river, in the surf, from a boat or off a poling tower, it is a handy fisherman's friend to keep your rod and reel within your grasp. The belt enables the RodMate™to be worn around your waist, around your neck on a lanyard, slung around your shoulder or even across your back!

The RodMate™ is best used when fishing on the poling tower by strapping it on the side of your waist that you do not use while poling your skiff. When using it in this fashion your fishing rod of choice will be clipped in and pointing downward toward the water’s surface, keeping it out of the way when poling your skiff. When a fish or group of fish is spotted, it is instantly available to you. Once you get the push pole into the PoleMate™push pole holster you can cast in a matter of seconds using the RodMate.™ There is no easier way, in my opinion, to get the job done while poling a skiff on the flats.

The second manner in which to use the RodMate™, is to simply hang it around your neck with a simple piece of fishing line tied to the stainless steel clip that comes with it. This small fishing rod holder is also designed to be easily attached to your lanyard while wading your favorite stream for trout or acting as a third hand when wading deeper waters. By clipping your fishing rod into the RodMate™ you will be able to keep your hands free to untangle a line, tie on a different fly or holding up that prized catch for a photograph!

When hiking into your secret fishing spot for a day of fishing on foot, the RodMate™ again comes into play. The included belt, with side release buckle, can also be slung across your shoulder. By looping in the RodMate™ to your belt in this fashion it easily carries your rod tip up. If you want to carry an extra rod you can again sling it across your back in order to do so.

I have been fortunate to guide and teach fishing to my sons, nephews, cousins and five-year old grandson while visiting nearby rivers and lakes and having a RodMate™ has really come in handy! You know when you finally get the kids lines out that one or two of them will get a bite, or think they do, and that always seems to be at the same time! Several times when one would actually get a fish on, I needed my RodMate™ to act as my third hand to hold my rod while I was assisting them in order to unhook their fish or untangling a line. The boys and some others I have fished with have needed my third hand RodMate™ to hold their rig when getting that “big catch” picture. Many fly fishing friends no longer have to put their fly rod in their mouth to show that they caught their prize using their fly rod. Now they can show a big smile instead.

When my wife Cynthia and I launched the RodMate™at one of the many fishing tackle trade shows that we participated in, we were very excited about the positive reception of our fishing rod holder by the anglers who stopped by our booth. One of the most rewarding experiences that we had the pleasure of being a part of was an encounter with an avid fisherman who had a disability. He told us how much our fishing rod holder was going to be of help to him.

The RodMate™ does not fit into any of the categories mentioned above since it is a fishing rod holder that is worn on your person. It is MORE than a tool to solve another problem that light tackle fisherman experience, it a product that can be used by ALL fishing friends young and old!

It becomes the third hand we all need!! Check out the RodMate ™and get "Free Shipping" for a limited time.

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