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The ever increasing popularity and capability of the bay boat as a functional flats skiff has many anglers outfitting such craft with push poles. Push poles are cumbersome and securing them on these craft has presented problems, especially when running on open water. Florida Backcountry has developed a rail mounted system that keeps push poles secure.

Rail Mate push pole holders are available in both FIXED and SWIVEL models. The FIXED model allows for mounting on both vertical and horizontal rail sections. The SWIVEL model allows mounting on most any rail configuration. Rubber Friction strips keep your push pole protected from scratches as well as from sliding fore and aft. A bungee holds your pole secure, even in rough water conditions. Fits all standard 7/8 in. to 1 inch rail used throughout the industry. Available in sets of three units for shallow water boats over 14 feet in length as well as individually for shorter applications. All models come complete with stainless steel mounting hardware.

Model RMF, fixed holder for horizontal or vertical applications. 
$24.95 plus shipping and handling.


Model RMS Swivel mount allows for any rail configuration.
$31.95 plus shipping and handling. 

Rail Mate's compact design allows secure holding ability by circumventing the push pole with a snap closer and bungee. Manufactured out of durable Delrin plastic and carries a Limited Lifetime Guarantee.

Model RMML : Mosquito Lagoon, set of three fixed Rail Mates.
$65.95 plus shipping and handling.



Model  RMCH: Charlotte Harbor set consists or one swivel and two fixed Railmates. 
$71.95 plus shipping and handling.

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