Florida Backcountry's Paddle & Fishing Rod holder

Florida Backcountry

has developed a

paddle & fishing rod

holder for kayakers

and canoeists!

Stows your fly rod,

spinning rod,

 push pole and paddle

 ... all with one holder!





Florida Backcountry's, "PaddleMate", paddle or rod holder,
is the ONE durable clip paddle and fishing rod holder
 that you have been looking for!
Our patented design will securely stow your paddle or fly fishing and
spinning rods, stake out or push pole, boga-grip, or net
 quickly and quietly, WITHOUT the need for bungee's.
Perfect for sight fishing, when the need to
cast to spotted fish is mandatory.

When sneaking through some nameless mangrove creek in the Everglades backcountry or through some small brushy stream that leads to another backcountry lake, as in the Canadian boundary waters, keeping your fishing rods from snagging the overhanging brush has had its challenges till now. Our PaddleMate, paddle and fishing rod holder securely stows your fly fishing rods, spinning rods or paddle horizontally, on the SIDE of your kayak rather then vertically, like most other kayak fishing rod holders. Simply place the handle of your favorite fly rod or spinning rod in the PaddleMate and place your rod tip in a piece of plastic tubing lashed under your bungee for problem free transporting of your fishing rods through the backcountry, flats and rushing streams.

 Our PaddleMate paddle and fishing rod holder does the job quietly and
efficiently stowing both your paddle and fly or spinning fishing rods!

Made from durable ABS plastic, PaddleMate
accepts most diameter paddles and fishing rods available

A special canoe model is available which features a system of mounting,
Without the need to drill holes in your expensive canoe!

PaddleMate Model KM----This fishing rod holder and paddle holder comes complete with stainless steel mounting hardware and is perfectly sized for the kayak enthusiast....
Price $12.95 plus shipping and handling.

PaddleMate Model CM----This fishing rod holder and paddle holder comes complete with 3M super grip mounts, which require no drilling through your hull......
Price $12.95 plus shipping and handling.

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RIGGING A KAYAK ... "Fish it Right" with Florida Backcountry products!

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